Our Services

The SCARC, Inc. Evaluation, Training and Employment Center provides a variety of services to adults who are developmentally disabled. Eligibility is based upon a referral for a particular service from DC&F Developmental Services (793-9317).

Day Training Program

Adults who have a mental handicap (defined as IQ below 70) may quality for the Day Training Program. This program offers individualized training with the goal being maximum community independence for each individual served. It is a comprehensive program offering Adult Basic Education, Therapeutic Work, and Life Skills Training (appropriate behavior, grooming, self-care, cooking, shopping, money handling, etc.). Transportation is provided to and from the program that operates on a daily basis year round. To be eligible a person must be over age 21 or have completed public school and be a consumer of HRS Developmental Services with a current Support Plan.

Click here for more information on our Adult Education Program, and some pictures of recent events.

Employment Opportunities

Everyone participating in the Day Training Program is employed and earns a pay check. For individuals interested in outside work, SCARC, Inc. operates 3 lawn maintenance crews that employ 4 workers per crew. Crew members are paid on an hourly basis based upon productivity. Most crew members earn over minimum wage and work 25 to 30 hours per week. For individuals interested in production work, SCARC, Inc. has contracts with local industries for a variety of assembly products. Workers are paid piece rate commensurate with industry. Other individuals are employed on a janitorial crew that maintains the SCARC, Inc. building. These individuals earn an hourly wage based upon their productivity. Shortly SCARC, Inc. will open a thrift shop offering more employment opportunities to individual served. To be eligible a person must be enrolled in the Adult Day Training program.

Independent Community Living

For individuals interested in living independently in the community, SCARC, Inc. offers a Supported Independent Living Program. A SCARC, Inc. staff member called a Supported Independent Living Coach assists each person individually to reside in a home of his/her choosing in the community. The Coach assists the individual wherever help is needed and trains them to learn to do new things. This can include finding a house or apartment, setting up a household, using a bank and managing money, planning and preparing meals, shopping and many other life skills. The Coach provides emergency assistance 24 hour per day, 7 days per week. To be eligible a person must be a consumer of HRS Developmental Services, over 18 years of age, who wants to live in his or her own home and who needs some supports and services to live there.

Residental Services

For individuals interested in living in a more supervised setting, SCARC, Inc. offers group home services. Group homes provide housing, training and support services to persons with developmental disabilities for integration and inclusion into the community. Group homes are staffed by Residential Training Specialists 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Services are provided in a comfortable, home-like residence in which individuals receive training in skill areas that enable residents to pursue personal goals and to enjoy the benefits of community living in the most inclusive setting possible.