Adult Education Classes

The SCARC, Inc. Adult Education Classes are an integral part of the Adult Day Training (ADT) program.  Classes are held Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 09:00 AM until 12:00 Noon and from 12:30PM until 02:45PM.   The program is funded by the Sumter County School Board through the Florida Department of Education Adults with Disabilities Grant.
Participants who attend the ADT are eligible to participate in the Adult Education Classes and most (37/37) choose to attend. Each participant attends one class period weekly, along with the other participants in their ADT groups – generally 5 to 8 students per class period.     

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Participants/students work toward developing skills identified in their Individual Implementation Plan goals that are developed from their Support Plan Personal Goals.  The goals generally target functional reading, math, computer, and cooking skills.  There are a wide range of goals being addressed.  For instance, some individuals may be working toward obtaining their GED while others may be working on learning numbers or letters of the alphabet.  There is a wide spectrum of learning activities and skill development due to the range of functional levels of participants. 

    • Functional Math Skills:  Basic math and money handling skills
    • Basic Reading Skills: Reading skills development through the Starfall and Challenger workbooks
    • Basic Cooking Skills:  Cooking skills development through researching and preparing recipes, learning about food safety and safe food handling, learning basic nutrition and special dietary needs such as diabetic or cardiac diets
    • Basic Computer Skills:  Skill development includes basic computer skills (accessing and running programs), Internet research, sending and receiving e-mail, and various learning programs.
    • Group Discussions of Current Affairs:  Peer led discussion groups addressing current affairs and the impact upon our community
    • Development of Self-Advocacy Skills:  Monthly reviews between the participant and instructor discussing progress toward achieving benchmarks encouraging the participant to be an active participant in decision making.

Benefits to Students:
Participants benefit from the Adults with Disabilities Grant Program by attending the SCARC, Inc. Adult Basic Education Classes focused on learning basic skills important to the participant’s life.  As the participant develops new skills he/she gains more control over his/her own life leading to increased self esteem and self confidence to attempt new challenges.

The SCARC, Inc. Evaluation, Training and Employment Center provides a variety of services to adults who are developmentally disabled. Eligibility is based upon a referral for a particular service from DC&F Developmental Services (793-9317).